world day against child labour

Child labour has been a menacing issue across the globe and ignoring it at this point of time will hamper the significant progress made over the years in resolving this crisis. The world day against child labour is observed on 12 June 2021. The United Nations aims to take stringent measures to try and eliminate the problem of child labour worldwide.

world day against child labour

According to the UN, developing and under-developed countries have more than one in four children (ages 5 to 17) engaged in labour work that is considered inimical to the child’s growth. Also 73 million children out of 152 million child labourers were deemed to be given hazardous work. Nearly 48% of victims were of 5-11 age. Most child labourers were given work in herding, fishing, forestry, aquaculture, and livestock herding; 17% were involved in domestic services and 12% in industries including manufacturing crackers, construction and mining.

world day against child labour 01

This year’s plan goes virtual

A “Week of Action” plan, marked from 10-17 June 2021, is expected to be launched and executed virtually on the upcoming world day against child labour. The stratagem includes events and activities to showcase the progress made by each country over the yearsÔÇÖ in tackling this issue. The UN intends to make its partners and stakeholders showcase their plans and schemes for 2021 to eradicate the system of child labour. The International Labour Conference, which will be jointly organized by the ILO and UNICEF will have speakers from across the globe discuss ways to eliminate the problem of child labour worldwide.

world day against child labour 02

This problem needs a quick resolution:

Across the globe, many children are engaged in paid and unpaid as well as harmful and harmless labour work. However, when children of a young age are distracted from education and made to work for monetary benefits, the crisis arises. Child labourers are cornered to compromise their mental, social, educational and physical development, which is extremely inhumane.

world day against child labour 03

Ways to eliminate child labour:

  • Spread awareness about child labour and its harmful effects on these children
  • Bring in stringent laws and effectively implement them
  • Help more children get educated
  • Support NGOs that work against child labour

Such a crisis demands our attention and effort on an immediate basis to cease this problem. So on this world day against child labour, let’s pledge to voice out for the wellness and betterment of these precious children around us!

-Team Eventozo.