the new normal 2

We are already reminiscing our days back when we all surged happily without the fear of nearing death bed. Those were the days wherein shopping bags, movie tickets, and fancy restaurants had us all enveloped. Our suitcase trollies were handy most of the times, and our Instagram accounts boasted some enthralling photographs. Those days seem far-fetched now. From rumors, like only the rich could travel anytime soon to AI will encroach the world in the near future, nothing appears to be unbelievable because whatever we face at this moment is unpredicted and still have most of us in shock. However, to survive, doing the spadework and pushing ourselves hoping for a healed world is the only tenable way to sustain the forerunner’s pace.

the new normal

The new normal- We’re all geared up!

  1. Doctors advise elders and those who have lesser immunity will have to go out wearing masks to avoid unnecessary health injuries even when this pandemic is over. However, on the cheerier side, most of the world population will be able to go out without worrying about masks. After a great deal of struggle, stepping out of home itself will make people feel ecstatic. When masks are not mandatory anymore, the real meaning of freedom will be remembered again.
  2. Parties, meetings and other events can become an actual celebration with real hugs, handshakes and foods served. People will rejoice in the gathering, hopefully staying away from mobile phones for a longer period than usual. After all, we are all social animals, and we had to get back to our roots at some point.
  3. Employees will be accorded a more flexible work environment. This lockdown and remote work scenario introduced many ways to run a business successfully without having to compromise on the employees’ welfare. Many companies have come forward with more convenient working features that enable a more cohesive work culture.
  4. The technological advancement we are about to encounter is going to take us all aback, the scientists say.  By 2025, the world will be more tech-driven, and everyone will end up having smarter, safer and more productive lives. Despite us not having the time and space to sit back and enjoy, we’ll anyway have to get ahead with the advancements to maintain a healthy distance from FOMO.
  5. As a result of lockdown, people will be more attentive and present without letting distractions carry them away. According to studies, humans had sufficient break and family time that would have made them understand what is more important in life.

Just like everyone, we are also waiting to see beautiful smiles adorning the streets!

Hoping and praying for a cheerful future,

Team Eventozo.