Indian weddings are a mix of colours, sounds, rituals, and emotions. One of the most important features of these weddings is the level of importance given to families. A wedding is where we get to enjoy the event with all our cousins, uncles, aunties, grandparents and our extended families all under the same roof and with delicious food from varied cuisines. But these events are quite stressful to the organizers as it involves intricate planning in attire, food, jewellery, entertainment, and rituals.  

Wedding preparations starts from inviting the guests. Oh yes we get it, choosing the best invitation card is a tough nut to crack but don’t worry we are here with  NINE INCREDIBLE WEDDING INVITATION CARD DESIGN IDEAS to help you plan your big day.

  1. Wooden invites – This is a rustic yet refined way to invite your amazing family and friends. It gives a raw and natural look that gives more of a bohemian feel to the event. Add a hint of colour to the box and it’s just perfect.
  1. Caricature- This is such an adorable way to invite the guests to your wedding. From extra cute drawings of the bride & groom to catchy phrases, everything is quite new and trending nowadays. We say you should think of getting these.
  1. Pop-up card – pop! This is an incredible creation, isn’t it? Be it a kid or an elderly person these cards will surely instate a wide smile on their faces. It’s a fascination that nobody can resist. It would be a pretty cool idea to incorporate this concept into your wedding invitation card.
wedding invitation design ideas - Pop-up card
  1. Thematic invite cards – Isn’t it beautiful!! When a wedding is centred on a particular theme, colour, or style, adding up too many different elements makes it clumsy and overwhelming. It is then that the idea of a theme comes in. A particular theme of the invite will set the tone for the big day and helps the guests to guess the experience they are going to undertake. Few examples are favourite series/movie, Raja style, or beach weddings.
  1. Different cut – Gone are the days when there were either rectangular or square-shaped invite cards. Now we have octagon, pentagon, circle, mirror-cut, and whatnot. If you want the cards to be traditional yet modern then this is a great idea to satisfy your creativity.
  1. Quad fold – in this type you can add unlimited photos, texts, or designs. You can narrate your love story too, match your wedding theme and create a timeline and so much more.
wedding invitation design ideas - Quad fold
  1. Glass invites: These are super trending this year. Its chic, elegant, modern, and gold/silver engravings are all that you want for your big day. It gives a subtle vibe and is perfect for beach weddings.
wedding invitation design ideas - Glass
  1. Passports, boarding passes, board games, and CDs- Yes, your wedding invitation can be like a puzzle which shows all the details when solves or in the form of a CD which gives all the details when played.
  1. The big-box – If you want to be a little more creative and luxurious then opt for this type as it gives a richer look. P A nice sturdy box with golden engraving add 2-3 pouches of your favourite nuts or sweets, set up the invitation card on top, and don’t miss the LED lights as it will be the cherry to the cake.
wedding invitation design ideas - Box

The sky is the limit and after all, these tiny elements are something that will make your wedding a memorable one. Happy wedding to you!