Theme for World Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated on 5 June 2021. The United Nations is looking forward to catching the attention of investors, government bodies, business people, and other organizations to make them commiserate with the depleting ecosystem and solicit their contribution in its restoration during this pressing situation. This year’s World Environment Day theme, Ecosystem Restoration, revolves around the mantra: Reimagine, Recreate, and Restore.

Theme for World Environment Day 01

Pakistan hosts the World Environment Day 2021

Pakistan takes up the mantle of playing hosts to this year’s global event in partnership with UN Environmental Programme (UNEP). Pakistan’s 2020 initiative of “Protected Area” aims to expand the coverage of protected areas to at least 15% of the total area of the country. To kickstart this initiative, Pakistan announced its intention to open 15 national parks, covering a land area of over 7300 square kilometers, across the depths of the country. This visionary move of Pakistan reassures the faith the UN has in the governing bodies across the world.

Theme for World Environment Day 02

The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, an initiative aiming to make the world more energy-saving and organic in ten years, will also be launched by the UN on the same day. This initiative hopes to direct and motivate people to execute nature-based solutions like reviving gardens, planting tree saplings and cleaning water bodies. This initiative envisions the reversal of deterioration of our ecosystems across the world. The motto is to avoid 60% of species extinctions by restoring 15% of forests, to achieve one-third of the mitigation to maintain global warming below 2C by 2030. The initiative also aims to discard poverty and hunger and to include all the other sustainable goals such as having clean water, affordable and clean energy, responsible production and consumption of energy, gender equality, etc.

Now or Never

The damage that our ecosystems face right now is alarming enough to warn and remind us all about the immediate measures and efforts we need to put in as a responsible community to conserve our irreplaceable ecosystem. Preserving and maintaining an ecosystem would open the way for a more balanced and healthier life. The healthier the ecosystem is, the healthier the people are! It is high time we understand the increasing urgency of the situation and act accordingly! The world needs us! If we don’t understand our responsibilities and neglect to act more consciously and wisely, we might just lose out on our last opportunity to replenish the already damaged ecosystem.  

Theme for World Environment Day 03

Let us all remember the words of Ms. Sanchez from the poem she wrote for The World Environment Day 2021: “We are a fraction of a second in earth’s lifetime. Yet she is our only lifeline.”

Live and help live a sustainable life,

Team Eventozo