Eid, one of the most important communal celebrations for Muslims across the world is all about dressing up, meeting family and friends, enjoying feasts and sharing love. The night before Eid, commonly called as Chaand Raat, literally translating to “Night of the Moon” is wholly dedicated for leisurely activities like shopping, singing, and dancing and special significance is given to applying traditional henna by the elders of the house. However, this pandemic restricts the usual celebratory norms, but we have managed to come up with five sensible yet fulfilling ways that’ll demand no compromise on the celebratory mood and as well as on the COVID-19 protocols.

In India, festivals are always associated with the delicacies it offers. Of course, the word Ramzan does remind us of the flavourful aroma of Biryani. But palatable sweets like kunafa, sheer karma and Rasamalai add more reasons to toast the day. In fact, one of the religiously followed rituals on the day of Eid is people donate and ensure that the less privileged enjoy a good filling meal. This act of kindness is called Zakat AL Fitr. Followed by that, people participate in communal prayers to thank God.

Eid Ul Fitr meaning ‘festival to end the fast’, is one of the biggest celebrations of the Islamic community and marks the end of the holy month of Ramzan. It is supposed that during the month of Ramzan is when the sacred verses were revealed that was later compiled as the holy book, the Quran. Hence, as a token of respect and gratitude, many Muslims worldwide fast, pray, and donate the entire month.

Muslim woman sharing food at Ramadan feast

In 2021, Eid falls on 13th of May in India. On this auspicious day, many Muslims meet their loved ones, share food and donate clothes to spread joy and benevolence and to remind each of us how blessed we are to have food on our plates.


If there is one thing, this pandemic has taught us all, and then it’s to approach life with kindness and hope. Adhering to the same hope, we firmly believe there is no reason anyone should compromise on anything that unites people. So, here we present our five suggestions that will merry your Eid…

1. Spruce yourself up with new attires, accessories and new energy of hope and positivity that has become a necessity lately.

2. Make sure to schedule a virtual family get-together and spice up the meet with some group games.

3. Arrange for virtual iftaar feasts with family and friends. Boast your feast!

4. Set up an exclusive prayer space in your home and carry out the prayers.

5. Decorate your houses and add to the festive vibe!

Team EVENTOZO wishes you a safe and pleasant Eid!     

                       “EID MUBARAK”