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The deadly corona virus has not only affected us with a second wave leading to another lockdown, but has also led to an increase in stress levels. However, there has been an increase in mental health awareness on the flipside, which was much needed.

mental health this lockdown

What mental health is about, and why mental health is important?

Being the most phenomenal part of our body that makes us all humans, the human brain has the power to guide and control everything from an individual’s eye rolls to intelligence. Studies show that the human brain needs freshness in one way or another so that the other mundane activities it is exposed to do not drain out the brain’s zest. As a generation, we are a step ahead of our elders giving special care to our brain that signifies our mental health. Earlier, we managed to invest no/less time on ourselves for acquiring a healthy lifestyle. However, this pandemic has taught us all a valuable lesson: to treasure whatever we have, especially our irreplaceable mental state.

Listed are some suggested ways to have your mental health in good shape:

1. Follow a daily routine. Regardless of you being at home, following a routine helps you forge self-discipline leading to less tension and more peace

2.  Include artistic activities in your routine. Slow dancing, painting/colouring, listening to varied instrumental music are some of the ways to calm and relax your brain cells.

mental health this lockdown 1

3. Having our bodies physically active (walking, jogging or exercising) is one magic potion that simultaneously works on our physical and mental fitness, providing our brain with some unseen spa therapy.

4. Start Writing. Dedicate a note for this, sit down, start writing whatever comes to your mind, or you can try putting whatever your feel at that particular moment into words. You know, it is said that “A thousand thoughts are lying within a man that he does not know till he takes up a pen to write”.

mental health this lockdown 2

5. Widely spoken, yet highly unrecognized way is Meditation. Have you ever sat down exclusively to observe your breathing? Try spending a few minutes every day alone, just respiring. Hang in there! Try observing how your breathing flows in and out. And that would do the rest of the magic.

6. In the end, it’s all about your effort. Put some effort to please your mental health, and you shall be sparkling forever.

mental health this lockdown 3

So, let’s understand that mental health is more of a journey and how we approach it matters more than what we gain at the end. Team Eventozo takes responsibility to share its solidarity in such a time and hopes for a positive future.