National Technology Day

Every year, India celebrates May 11 as its National Technology Day. The day marks the anniversary of Pokhran nuclear tests of 1998 and India’s incredible technological advancements in space. National Technology Day is a way of highlighting the importance of science in our everyday life and is also a way of encouraging the youth to take up the subject as a career option


Pokhran nuclear tests of 1998 was a series of five nuclear bomb test explosions conducted by India. In an operation led by aerospace engineer and Late President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, India successfully test-fired Shakti-I nuclear missile codenamed as operation smiling Buddha at the Indian army’s Pokhran range in Rajasthan. Two days later, India successfully fired its shakti-II nuclear missile hence ‘Operation Shakti’ was a success.

Later India was declared as a nuclear state by former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and joined nuclear club of nations as its sixth member. Since then, India celebrates May 11 as National technology day.


Every year since 1999, the Technology Development Board of India awards talented individuals with a National award for their contribution in the field of science and technology. A specific and unique theme is chosen every year and all the sub events are planned accordingly. The theme for National technology day 2021 has not been decided yet. Apart from this, various schools and colleges conduct science fests, workshops and competitions to seed the virtues of science in young minds.

The need for celebrating India’s technological advancements is to foster the sense of pride in fellow Indians and to motivate young students pursue science and technology as their career. It also acts as an encouragement to those individuals and groups who contribute to India’s advancements.

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