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Gender parity is a much-needed element to build a more peaceful and organic world. In the long run, similar perspectives carried out at a stretch might need fresher approaches and views. To win over that imbalance in any system, every organization need women employees.

This century has seen an increasing number of female students, women employees and leaders still trying to break the glass ceiling. According to Forbes, women-led private tech companies generate 35% higher ROI than those led by men. However, three-fourths of the women in the world are not provided with a comfortable platform to build a sustainable future despite having the ability and passion to work. Apart from other societal factors that bar women from entering the leadership zone, certain other workplace reasons fail to promise a healthy future. To encourage your female employees’ professional growth, we have developed five suggestions that will make your workplace a promising one.

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1.Offer a zero-tolerance policy:

State it to your employees that any jokes, remarks, or comments that disturb female employees’ comfort will never be tolerated. Provide a safe space wherein your female employees could confidently report any such actions without having to think twice. Adhering to such policies will conduct an optimistic name for your company.

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2.Providing Paternity leaves- A trailblazing move:

21st-century men are evolving into more compassionate husbands and fathers. They started seeing their roles and responsibilities with more precision when it comes to their family needs. So, as a company, give options for men to choose to share household responsibilities.

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3.Women-friendly restrooms:

Fortunately, most office spaces have dedicated washrooms for women, but having it equipped with the necessities is often overlooked. It’s no more an epoch of taboos. The most unspoken topics of women’s intimate issues are widely discussed, and equipping ladies’ rooms with sanitary napkins or tampons makes the women feel seen.

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4.Provide (mental) health packages

A feature that will benefit every employee in the office! Doing routine health check-ups assessing mental and physical health will keep your employees’ life at peace. Subjects like breast cancer and postpartum depression are still not given the needed attention. Companies can focus on rendering such insightful services.

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5.Treat men as allies:

Any space will have its share of men who’d have mismatched opinions when it comes to gender disparity. Look for the Good Samaritans and ask them to mentor, assist and be involved in any deed that would make the women feel comfortable and motivated.

Women are breaking barriers, and men are starting to laud that fact. As an act of their endorsement, men and women with deciding power should incorporate women-friendly services in the workplace. And that’ll sow seeds for a hopeful future.

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-Team Eventozo