Celebrating birthdays, the traditional way during the lockdown has become increasingly difficult and hence the ways to approach these celebrations have changed. In these uncertain times, we shouldn’t let go off any situation that can make our loved ones feel valued or endeared. Adorning a special event can never get any easier. Tailoring plans to please an individual’s taste is almost impossible now, but you can make sure that your celebrations don’t lose the josh that everyone expects. Following are six quirky decor ideas to beautify your home with the basic things that are available at home during the lockdown.

  1. The art of folding papers, also known as Origami, can do wonders. Originated in Japan, Origami is best known for its ability to sharpen your motor skills. After its first introduction, Origami quickly attracted people’s attention, and they began using it for artistic and decorative purposes. Papers can be folded into any shape that makes them quite versatile.
  2. Save empty coconut shells. Dry it and make a wall hanging out of it. Hang it on the walls/ceiling. Add your personal touch either by making mini doodles over it or by painting them.
  3. Refresh and recreate your space with indoor plants. What else other than plants could enliven a living area? If not plants, you can still get tufts of leaves or flowers, having it soaked in water in pots/bottles/vases. Place it randomly in and around the room and witness the magic it creates.
  4. Create a mood board. Let it be a random collection of the celebrant’s childhood pictures, favorite series/quotes/food/place, or even hand-written notes. Make a collage and surprise your dear one, portraying how meticulously you know and care for them.
  5. Make lanterns out of tin cans.  Make patterned minute holes, paint them the colour of your choice and hang them with scented candles lit within. The light would fall into a shape and would glow the corners.
  6. Last but not least, prepare a birthday cake in the comfort of your home. From cookers to ovens, cakes are made in anything and baking them doesn’t demand much of your time and effort.

Do not bother to step out when what you seek can be very well created at the ease of your hands. May your beloved one be blessed with more joy and courage!

Warm wishes and regards from Team Eventozo.