covid vaccination in India

A year and over, but the whole world is still mired in the noose of the SARS-COV-2 virus, widely known as the Covid virus. The hardship that this virus has amassed upon mankind has been a nightmare to say the least and has brought life to an absolute stand-still. It’s even more shocking to understand that no reliable preparations have been made to tackle the practical issues that lie ahead of us. As uncertainty enwraps us, we witness numerous unexpected deaths on a day-to-day basis.

vaccination in India

The virus is still multiplying regardless of all the preventive measures the government bodies take, and the world doesn’t see its break-off anytime soon; India is not an exception. But, the question is, are we, as responsible civilians following the protocols suggested by the Govt. of India?

The vaccination drive in India has been slow-moving since despite the researchers’ and doctors’ constant endorsements. As per WHO, the neglect of vaccines is one of the top 10 global health challenges. But, what is the fear mongering factor that inhibits the public from trusting vaccination in India?

Inhibitions about covid vaccination in India

Do not be afraid of the aftereffects:

Do not mull over on vaccination and its side effects because there is nothing as such. But, of course, people’s bodies react whenever a foreign matter enters the body, and vaccines are no exception! Depending on the body type, one may get fever or body pain or feel tired after getting a vaccination shot. But, these are not symptoms of any harmful side effects but are considered proof that the body has absorbed the medicine and reacted positively. These signs shouldn’t be confused with Covid symptoms.

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Steps taken by the Govt. to ensure safe and increased vaccination in India:

Govt. of India runs vaccination camps in every Taluk and Panchayat, having doctors available to vaccinate the public at free of cost.

Municipality/corporation offices send local authorities to have a door-to-door check-up.

In social media and television, ad campaigns were arranged by Govt. featuring influencers/celebrities who endorse vaccinations.

Inhibitions about covid vaccination in India 01

Vaccination in India is essential- But, why?

The massive covid surge India faces right now could have been dealt better by vaccinating more number of people. This would reduce mortality rates in India, wherein healthcare is not fully accessible for everyone. By getting a COVID-19 vaccine, one would attain natural immunity. This antibody produced in the vaccinated body will serve against the Covid virus, reducing the risks of spreading. Over 215 million doses of vaccinations and 4.15% of the eligible population have been vaccinated in India. The government aims to vaccinate every eligible citizen by December 2021, predicting the situation might come to control before that.

A little observation and research will provide you with the much needed clarity on getting vaccinated! Understand your accountability in taking care of yourselves and as well as others around you.

Please GET VACCINATED! Make others feel safe and confident as well.

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