Futuristic trends of ecommerce

Technology has thrived into producing a more comfort-focused society.  And every field is utilizing tech innovations, trying to make a grade in the market. E-commerce businesses are no exception to this. E-commerce has become the most reliable way to implant success strategies in businesses.

Whether you are into the E-commerce business already or you are planning to build one, being aware of these innovative trends in the tech world will help your business to burgeon rapidly.

Futuristic trends of ecommerce 01
  • Chatbots- A virtual customer support

Chatbots automatically mimic human communication in written or spoken form, saving time and expenses spent on manual customer support. It enhances the user experience and bridges stronger engagements between customers and companies. Website bits, voice assistants, chatbot apps and social media chat boxes are some of the ways it can be processed through. Chatbots suggests items based on the user’s search history and makes it possible for the users to make a purchase done over a chat.

Futuristic trends of ecommerce 02
  • BlockChain Technology- More secured data & easier payment options

With the rapid surge in e-commerce companies, issues on trusting money transfers and data security are inevitable. That is when BlockChain Technology comes into play. It uses crypto currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.) payments and reduces the risk of fraudulent cases. E-Coinmerce is being built on the base of BlockChain, with lesser transaction charges, reduced risks of swindling cases and comparatively quicker transactions; BlockChain will redesign the payment networking in the future.

Futuristic trends of ecommerce 03
  • Droids & Drones- Streamlined delivery option

It is evident that AI-infused robots will take over most of the manual work. There are many fields where AI is widely used. The delivery system is one area where AI is expected to govern the functioning. Drones are already very commonly used, whereas droids are slowly entering the market. Sellers are looking forward to using droids and drones in delivering the purchased product to the buyer, and it is believed that it’ll cut off the logistics expenses to a great extent. Drone airports are the most awaited element that is expected to change the future online shopping experience.

In addition to these, AR/VR, m-commerce, dash buttons and beacons are already revolutionizing the shopping experience. According to U.S. Department of Commerce Statistics, brick and mortar still manage to dominate E-commerce. However, E-commerce sales rose from $156.39 billion in Q4 2019 to $206.66 billion in Q4 2020, a 32.1% increase, making it evident that online shopping might hit the jackpot very soon. All that we can foresee is that new dimensions for shopping are evolving, and it is about to get way better.

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