Father's day celebration

As we enter the month of June, children across the world are excited to honour and dote on their dads this World Father’s Day. From teaching you cycling to becoming your mentor, fathers have always showered us with their lavish affection. So, ensure to make your dad feel more special, this World Father’s Day, June 18th.

If you are still baffled about making your dad wallow in your gratitude, we present you with different cultural traditions practiced worldwide during the Father’s Day celebration. If you need some international inspiration to surprise your dad this father’s day, then our list of facts is a must-read!

  • People of Thailand celebrate father’s day on December 5th, the birth date of Bhumibol Adulyadej, their former king, signifying him to be the father of their nation. Traditionally, people wear bright yellow clothes, greet their dads with canna flowers, and acquire their blessings.
  • In Mexico, the 3rd Sunday of June is marked as father’s day. The tradition called Dia Del Padre is followed religiously. Fathers participate in a city-wide race that covers about 21km through the capital city! In addition, special delicacies topped with Pan Dulce or Sweet Bread is enjoyed with families.
  • South African families carry out father’s day celebration on the same day as Mexicans. On the day, families pre-plan to go out for fishing/picnicking on father’s day, much similar to the US families. Partners and children present their fathers with something exclusive, showing their gratitude and love.
  • Japanese children relish in bestowing their dads with a bunch of fresh, bright flowers, sweets and some handmade beer glasses. Families prepare their dad’s favorite seafood, and together, they dine. Prawns and crabs are mostly preferred. Just like most countries, Japan celebrates Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June.
  • In New Zealand, the first Sunday of September is regarded as Father’s day. Tea-making is an inevitable part of their father’s day celebration.  So children concoct their dad’s favourite flavoured tea accompanied with their favourite meal and present them with some quintessential goodies.
  • Finland observes Father’s day on the 2nd Sunday in November. Fathers get an entire day off and have their time at home, enjoying their favourite meal.
  • Nepal follows the tradition of Gokarna Aunsi during late summers and commemorates the fathers. Apart from giving gifts and eating feasts together, male children touch their dad’s feet with their head, wherein female children touch their father’s palms using their head as a sign of getting blessings.

The phrase “My dad is my first hero” could never become a cliché despite its over-usage. As we all know, it’s the truth!

We pray for your dad’s wellness with overflowing appreciation and love! Happy Father’s Day! -Team Eventozo