employees on their work anniversaries

Work anniversaries are emotional and special, just like any other personal celebration. These days are solely about recognizing and appreciating an employee, and showing that the company loves its employees to the moon and back. Today’s work culture encourages celebrating work anniversaries as it promotes a sense of belonging, strengthens the bond carried between the company and the employee and motivates the employee to perform better. Opting for the right gift for the celebrant is tricky and hence we decided to make the task a lot easier.

Listed below, are such options that any employee would appreciate forever. 

Employees on their Work Anniversaries 02
  • The eternally trending- Handwritten notes

When people sit with a pen and paper to write something, their brain slows down, kindles their memory, and the results will embark the celebrant on a heartfelt journey. Receiving notes from their teamies and reporting officer would be a great deal for them; Trust us! 

Employees on their Work Anniversaries
  • A work desk makeover

An employee’s work desk is not just the place of comfort, but also one that makes them feel productive throughout the day. Decorate the space with teeny-weeny personalized post-its with lovely messages or thank you cards, memorable photos, fresh flowers and even balloons, ensuring an exciting start to the day. 

  • Reservation for an executive family dining

Nine out of ten people love food, and the tenth person is always lying! Who wouldn’t be pleased with a tsunami of flavors bursting into their mouth in a gratifying ambience, sitting right next to their family? So, reserve a table in an appealing restaurant and don’t forget to mention the treat is on the company!

Employees on their Work Anniversaries 03
  • Provide a dedicated parking space

Never underestimate the power of allocating a parking space. For an employee with a vehicle, their daily tasks usually start even before they enter the office. It starts right when their eyes begin to look for (unproblematic) parking space. Providing your employees, a dedicated parking space will make them feel privileged and special. You don’t have to wait to see them sighing with relief once you reveal this surprise. 

Employees on their Work Anniversaries 04
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

By ESOP, employees are allowed to invest in the company. Employees could buy company stocks at lower rates in comparison to what is being offered in the market. This option can be provided for employees who have been with the company for an extended period. This is also an excellent strategy to hold on to those loyal employees! 

Lately, companies are getting off the track to make their employees feel extra special as an individual and more appreciated as a contributor. Work anniversaries are considered to be an effective way to motivate the eager beaver face of your employee. Work anniversaries, undeniably does cause a stir! 

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