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Neglecting to step into the world of E-commerce is one of the basic missteps small businesses could ever make. About 50% of small enterprises quit within five years of their start. Poor marketing tactics and the incorporation of ineffective strategies should be blamed for such a quick failure.

During this lockdown, companies providing online services and sales managed to stay afloat while businesses that are dependent on physical store sales faced dire collapses. Digital sales have replaced the traditional brick-and-mortar stores by convincing consumers of more offers, varied collections and time-efficient services.

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Perks of digitalizing your small business:

  • Have analytics on your fingertips

Dealing with the analytics based on the sales and marketing numbers without going digital can get back-breaking and might fail to deliver the needed details at the right time. Acute information on bounce rates, page views, average time spent by customers on a particular product/page, kind of products consumers usually buy together, stats on abandoned shopping carts and offers that attracted more consumers could be reviewed using online tools. Such information helps the company in its enhancement.

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  • Extensive customer reach

Brick-and-mortar stores limit the reach a company could fetch. Experiential marketing is a way to attract consumers, but limiting marketing options leaves the company with a plodding reach. Consumers might miss out on genuine products/services, and the company might miss out on loyal consumers. In a coterie of consumers, online presence makes a silent shout-out for your brand and boosts your company’s sales.

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  • Marketing becomes plain sailing.

Physical flyers, banners and advertising columns in newspapers and magazines will reach people, unfortunately in lesser value when compared to E-marketing tactics. Online marketing is a prevailing way to lure customers. Digital marketing runs on an automated marketing engine to send emails, drive ads and helps to acquire more traffic, making marketing less undemanding comparatively.

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  • SEO Benefits

A digital hunt and research are often performed before picking up a product online. Search engines help make the consumer opt for the appropriate product. Tools like product landing pages, product descriptions based on SEO requirements and category pages are used to bring relevant customers to the company’s website.

Other than the advantages mentioned above, increased profit range in lower operational costs is an attention-worthy factor and digitally approaching businesses paves the way for a smooth and undemanding customer experience. Imagine a customer coming across your digital ad, clicking on the link and making a purchase right away. Now, imagine the same thing happening hundreds of times a day; that’s what you’ll miss when you choose not to take your small business online.

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-Team Eventozo