Covid-19 crisis through the eyes of the event industry

As soon as the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a global pandemic, unanticipated bans, lockdowns and other strict restrictions were saddled with civilians. As a result, numerous sectors and industries are battling to combat the situation. We see companies being shut down due to bankruptcy and several employees being laid off as well. The event industry has faced a colossal setback because of the lockdown scenario. As the event industry juggles between cancellations and postponements of public and private events like weddings, festival celebrations, concerts, etc., this sector fights a battle to stay afloat.

Covid-19 crisis

Attempting to bridge the gap:

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, social life, gatherings, and interactions are a massive part of human life. With today’s modern and revised technology, industries have managed to adapt themselves to the changing demands of the situation. Consequently, there’s been a massive rise in companies/start-ups who arrange for virtual events to secure the set-up of social gatherings and interactions. Software/applications like Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype made a mark for themselves and became essential for every student and working professional. These platforms have given free access to everything from group meditation sessions to internal company meetings, and even weddings and concerts have joined the party!

event industry

Music, theatre, and dance artists are running e-concerts wherein the audiences are provided with opportunities to enjoy their favourite artists’ performances from the comfort of their home. Even marathons and other sport and fitness events that were initially cancelled have now got a boost through these interactive platforms. A prime example is that an American start-up has started conducting virtual marathons that enable a group of people to run from wherever they are. A virtual map keeps track of their progress through the determined location and checks if the participant has reached the needed distance to win.

Covid-19 crisis through the eyes of the event industry

Event industries- post-pandemic:

People assumed no one would be interested in video meetings not long ago, but this pandemic has drastically altered such opinions. Hybrid Events are an excellent way to endorse inclusivity. Such planners also include fun elements like trivia nights, virtual dance parties, karaoke sessions, and speed networking functions that give more reasons to opt for virtual events. When the pandemic gets better, and the traditional way of planning events come into practice, hybrid events will still be a part. There is no reason to take off the option of providing virtual services from the list. This growth in the event sector has expanded its horizon, and they will never get to see the industry limited by any factors!

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