celebrating birthdays during the Pandemic crisis

As the entire country unites to fight the second wave of this global pandemic, celebrating birthdays by hosting traditional parties has become extremely unsafe. However, you can celebrate birthdays in an unconventional manner and still make it a memorable day.

Here are some great ideas on how people can celebrate their birthdays during this pandemic crisis.

  • Bring your birthday destination to you- You would have dreamt of celebrating your birthday on a beach, resort or a garden. Why not bring the vibe to your place? Having an amazing theme is the best way to enhance your quarantine birthday!
  • It’s all about decoration – Decorate your place as per your own liking. For party supplies, shop online and get your décor at affordable prices.
  • Get glam – It’s your birthday, you are the King / Queen for the day. So, dress up and wear your favourite outfit. After all, if you look good, you feel good.  
  • Have a photoshoot – Birthday Photoshoots are going viral these days. Plan up for a photoshoot at your place on your birthday using your own phone or camera. Make it simple and yet most memorable by clicking amazing photos of you. 
  • Plan activities for the party- Some common party games like Pinball, Charades or Trivia can help in making your party more memorable. Also, another great activity can be watching a movie together using Netflix watch party.
  • Order your favourite food – A birthday can never be complete without some lip-smacking food! Choose between a pizza night or a taco’s party, Desert Day or Nacho’s gala? 
  • FaceTime with Friends – Just because the party is virtual that doesn’t mean you and your guests can’t wear amazing clothes! You and your friends can shop online for the perfect dress on the day and you guys can win wearing the same pattern. 
  • After the party – Put together a slideshow or collage using screen grabs from the party and photos of you and your friends before quarantine. This helps you to recreate and remember the best memories and it’s a great way to end the day beautifully. 

And that’s a wrap! These are some of the ways in which one can bring in their birthday during this global crisis. Try them and let us know how the celebrations went.