birthday party food idea

Birthday parties are not just about their exuberance, decors and the cake but also the food we offer our guests is as important as anything else. The birthday party menu should be as appealing, age-appropriate and healthy as possible. Provided are some budget-friendly, kids friendly yet scrumptious and attractive food items that can be prepared at home with limited efforts. Starting from the welcome drink to dessert, you can utilize every opportunity to make your guests feel incredibly special by portraying a varied yet fulfilling food menu.

birthday party food idea

We have categorized the food items to make your planning easier. We have given each column, three or more options considering adult and kids’ choices. However, these food items are highly customizable. If your in-house party involves adults, then always go for a broader option, but if it’s just kids, then just a few options would do. To make the birthday party more enjoyable, arrange for some indoor games, dance sessions, karaoke sessions or even a magic show.

birthday party food idea 01

Welcome Drinks

  • Rose Milk- Be sweet and serve sweet. One can never resist this glass of luring drink!
  • Tender coconut water- Healthy, nourishing and a surprising thirst quencher
  • Sweet corn soup- Basic yet safe and a fulfilling option. Add your punch of twist to it!

Starter/Appetizer/ Snacks

  • French fries/potato smilies- Potayto or potahto- Aah! They are lifesavers!
  • Canapés (Potato, veggies, boiled chana or paneer filling)- Let the crackers speak now!
  • Garlic bread/Breadsticks- Garlicky, buttery, toasty slabs of bread! 
  • Baby corn/Cauliflower/Paneer 65- Get some desi flavours around.
birthday party food idea 02

Main course (Varied)

  • Mini Masala Dosa/ Sambar Rava Idli- Embrace that timeless signature south Indian bonding!
  • Vegetable Kathi roll- Succulent pieces of flatbread with flavoursome stuffings
  • Naan/Stuffed kulcha with paneer butter masala/Paneer makhani/ malai kofta- Soft, flaky flatbreads with rich aromatic gravies, what would make your palate happier!?
  • White Sauce Pasta/Tomato Pasta- Who does even hate pasta? We mean, it’s paastAAAAH!
  • Fried Rice/Noodles- Those cosy and snug taste buds as well need your attention.
  • Coconut milk pulao with paneer butter masala/Paneer makhani/- Comforting, aromatic and bracing!
birthday party food idea 03

Salad (Won’t get any healthier!)

  • Mixed Fruit salad
  • Kosambari
  • Vegetables with dip/ hummus
  • Fruits on skewers
birthday party food idea 04


  • Birthday Cake- If not now, then when!?
  • Ice cream in small cups- A classic way to put smiles on your guest’s face
  • Gulab Jamun/ Rasagulla/ Rasmalai- One can never get enough of it!
  • Brownie with ice cream- Spice it up with your personal touch and hence, not a cliché anymore!
  • No-bake cheesecake- Much softer and mousse-like delicacy that melts in the mouth.
  • Tiramisu- Go a little fancy with this coffee-flavoured Italiano dessert.

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– Team Eventozo.