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As the UEFA European Football Championship 2020 and CONMEBOL Copa América reaches the business end of the tournament, football fanatics are sitting on the edge of their seat. Discussing birthday ideas for a football fan could not get more relevant than now. Among the scads of games, the human hood has witnessed, football (also known as soccer or association football) is considered the most popular one. A sport that carries over 200 years of immense history and culture with it, football has a steady fan base worldwide and the game is deeply embedded in the lives of fans who support and cheer for their favorite team’s victory.

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If you know someone who is a football fanatic and their birthday is approaching, then this is the right time, and you are at the right place to plan for their birthday! The suggested birthday decor ideas will astonish any football fan, making their birthday the most memorable one ever.

  1.  “Badge up” your guests

Set up a “Badge-Up Basket” corner at the entrance with a sign board asking your guests to badge themselves with crest imprinted badges to surprise the celebrant.

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  • Food in Football (covers)

Serve eatables on football related imprinted serve wares. From popcorn tubs to paper plates, you can utilize every minute space to spice up the birthday game.

  • Getting finickier is the key

Use coasters embossed of the celebrant’s favorite football team’s crest, wrap water bottles/party tumblers with such crest, printed stickers/wrappers, or you could do the same with tissue papers/napkins. You can also randomly place football memorabilia across the room and capture the moments when the celebrant football lover indulges in reminiscence. Don’t forget to decorate the house with posters of the celebrant’s favorite players. Miniature wall hangings having images of the star players will also go a long way in adding to the atmosphere.

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  • A football “cakewalk”

After being taken aback by such detailed decorations, everyone will have a watch out for the birthday cake. Cake imitating the football itself or the football field or adding elements that signify the celebrant’s favorite team would have the cake moment subtle and satisfying. Add relevant cupcakes to the table.

  • Blow the candles inside a goal post

Set up a mini-goal post and place the birthday cake inside the goal post area. Make the celebrant slice the cake inside the goal post, as you all chorus the birthday song. Cut the edge in birthday science!

Football boasts of millions of fans and followers of all ages, countries and gender, adding to the game’s popularity. A simple one-minute conversation with any football fan will prove their passion for the game. Surprise these ardent football lovers with any of the above ideas and make their birthday celebrations a one to remember.

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