Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

The event industry has evolved leaps and bounds over the past few years adapting itself to the changing circumstances. Commendable technological advancements have contributed significantly to this factor, and we see many more changes approaching in the near future. A prime example of this would be a domain like marketing, where more technologically advanced tools are utilized. In our fast-paced life, when everything is expected to be done instantly with ease, the event management industry, one of the most thriving sectors have found their panacea, and that’s where Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality are brought into play.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Elucidating Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality enables people to watch stimulated videos and this concept has opened doors for an entirely new reality. A three-dimensional image/environment is produced so that it gives the viewer the feel of experiencing and understanding the scenario wherein the viewer is not physically present. The viewer is equipped with accessories like a VR headset, sensor gloves or digitalized goggles or helmets to interact with the virtual world. The Full VR showcases videos that provide a 360° view, and can also display a fully simulated environment. This entirely alters the mainstream approach towards events. When a situation demands, the user can always be present virtually using VR in an event.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality 01

However, Augmented Reality means technology that literally does add to reality or allows users to create a new reality, augmenting new features like haptic feedback, videos, texts, images, visual overlays, other sensory projections and 3D models in the real world, in front of our eyes. Photo filters that give you a bunny face or Pokémon Go that enabled users to play using their phone/tablet to catch the 3d Pokémon are prime examples. The Image Target AR incorporates texts, videos, 3D objects and images into reality. Meanwhile, Object Recognition AR has a digital 3D model fixed to the real world that can operate the 3D model. And, finally, Plane Detection AR has a 3D model fixed in the real world and demands manual operation of the 3D structure.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality 02

What’s in store for the future events?

With novel tech advancements and trends, the Event Industry is reshaping itself. Moreover, Virtual and Augmented Reality has become a spur for the events industry. Event managers’ search for ways to increase audience engagement for events and enhanced interactions has finally been resolved, and incorporation of these elements in the Event Industry has uplifted it and changed the idea of attending events. So, don’t be shocked if you ever find an AR/VR link in wedding invites!

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