All things about Taureans!

As May 20 nears, most Taureans would have been done and dusted with their birthdays. People who are born on any date from April 20 to May 20 would belong to the Taurus sign according to the sun’s position.

In these pandemic times, wherein no celebration is carried out the usual way, let us see how these stubborn humans who represent the bull comply with their birthdays.

Distinguished traits of Taurus people:

Rationally Sturdy

Their grounded approach towards anything makes total sense, and that’s why they are popular amongst their peers. The multi-dimensional solution they prescribe is more reliable and this is what everyone looks for when hardships occur.

Fastidious enough!      

Their attention to detail speaks for their adept mind. Their meticulous expectations have them organized all the time.

Totally Reliable

These generous people are very much loyal when it comes to their relationships. They adorn their bonding with utmost compassion and kindness.

A Natural Trailblazer

Taurus people roam around carrying strong leadership and acute strategizing abilities. They are highly persistent, resilient and determined. In short, they never get tired of hustling. These sensible people know how to curb unfavourable situations with their stubborn yet calm approach.

Mindfully Humane

Taureans are effectively considerate, benign and tolerant. They set the perfect example for “a friend in need is a friend indeed.”

A day of feeling younger

People who belong to the Taurus sign never abide by the world’s norms. With their impeccable willpower, they go with their mind rules and therefore, no factor can stop Taureans from proceedingupward, especially getting older.

However, they are very keen on celebrating their birthdays. Boisterous parties and frisky adventures entrap their minds all the time that leave the rest of us all pondering about their birthday celebrations during these times. Here are a few ideas to pamper and pacify a Taurean’s adventurous soul:

  • Get on a treasure hunt with your family members at home
  • Try out a tranquil party with stars under the bare extended sky
  • Join an NGO that enables volunteering from home and help the needy
  • Plan for a karaoke night
  • Come up with handwritten letters for your friends, family members and even for those school mates that have lost touch with you and pour your feelings and thoughts on it. Write it, secure it and hand it over whenever the lockdown gets over.