Diwali Decoration Ideas

The exciting time of the year has finally arrived. It’s time for some delicious sweets and extraordinary Diwali decorations. If you’re excited to create beautiful Diwali decorations, here are some simple Diwali decoration ideas that will completely transform the ambience of your home.


Diwali occasion is incomplete without Rangoli. With vibrant Rangoli colour along with flowers and its petals in between and create a best Rangoli design to decorate your home. Add diyas and earthen pots to make to more attractive and charming.


Without lights, the festival of Diwali is incomplete. Dazzle and glow up your home and mandir with lights and colourful papers. Add a personal touch with your lightning way in this Diwali to make your place more attractive.


Are you bored of using plastic-made torans on Diwali occasions? Well, create one for you this time! You can make your torans, from the fresh flowers or plastic ones, beads, papers, cardboards or old jewellery. Add some glitter and shine, and hang them on walls to give your home a stunning look like you!!  Also, it’s a perfect Diwali decoration idea for office too.

Diwali Diya Decoration Ideas

Glow up your home using diyas and candles with our Diwali Diya decoration ideas. You can use scented candles and diyas, which spreads fragrance with brightness. Also, you can decorate your house with handmade diyas using flour dough and seashells. This Diwali Diya decoration ideas is a time-saving and cost-efficient way to decorate your home on this Diwali festival.

Wall Hangings

Are you bored of the old and boring styles of wall hangings? Then let’s create a one for you! It doesn’t require much stuff and time to create wall hangings on your own. With DIY strategy and elements like cardboard, old newspapers, colourful papers/sheets and fairy lights, you can easily create your wall hangings with the benefit of decorating them on your own. Also, it’s a perfect Diwali decoration idea for office too.

Floating Candles

Decorate your home with floating candles in different patterns and designs on this Diwali. Yes, you can decorate your home with different patterns and designs in floating candles in a glass of full water, flowers, beans, beads, and glitters. Buy or create some floating candles with a DIY strategy and bring the old-world charm back to life on this Diwali season.

Flower Decoration With Aroma

Make this Diwali a memorable one by decorating your home with different types of flowers (Either artificial or Fresh ones). Also, you can add some aroma to keep the room fresh and smell good to add a pure freshness and fragrance to it. With your innovative ideas, decorate your house with flowers and Aroma and make this festive season a memorable one for everyone. 

Toran From Paper

Add more grace to your beautiful house with homemade torans from the papers. Yes, you can create torans from papers to decorate your home, or you can buy crepe papers in varied colours and create it in your design. Also, it’s a perfect Diwali decoration idea for office too.

Hand Painted Diyas Diwali Decoration Ideas

Without diyas and candles, Diwali is incomplete. Create your own Hand painted Diyas with some innovative and aesthetic designs on this Diwali festival. You can buy plain diyas and then decorate it with paint along with sequins, beads, mirrors and other ornamentation. Make everyone go, WOW!!! On this Diwali with your unique hand painted diyas.

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