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Wedding planning is the most beautiful part of your life. You may have so many ideas about the colours, about the theme or vision of how you want to look and be for the most important and most memorable movement in your life. Confused about wedding planning? don’t be so confused! You can start your wedding planning with 7 simple steps. 

Plan Your Budget 

Wedding planning
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The first and most important part of wedding planning starts here. Before you start planning your wedding budget discuss a few questions and wedding planning ideas with your partner. So that you can plan your wedding budget more accurately and efficiently.  

  1. Are you planning a simple or a grand wedding?
  2. Whether an indoor or outdoor wedding?
  3. Where? near your place or a far-off destination.
  4. Choose the theme of your wedding, whether it is going to be Modern, romantic or Vintage. 

Prepare The Guest List

Wedding Planning
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When you start your wedding planning step by step, Preparing a rough guest list is more important. Did I mention it as the rough guest list? Yes! your guest list can change multiple times. The most important thing about the guest list is, it always changes multiple times to suit your venue, budget and your preferences. Also before planning your wedding venues consider your guest list, because there is a lot of difference 500-person wedding and 1000-person wedding. 

NOTE! 80% of wedding costs are affected by the unprepared guest list. 

Confirm Your Date 

Wedding Planning
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Pick one perfect date, and then a second and third as an option just for a choice. If you have a special venue in mind, this may help to fix your venue. If you have no idea about the venue, choosing the date first will help to choose the venue which is available on the preplanned date. Confirming your wedding date as early as possible will help to do Wedding planning on a budget. 

Book The Venue 

Wedding Planning
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Now it’s a perfect time to decide your wedding venue, Yes now you have a preplanned budget, an estimated guest list and all the information that helps you to choose the perfect venue for your wedding. The most important thing is this will almost fix your wedding date! 

Note! If you are confused with choosing the venues and planning a budget for your wedding better you can hire a wedding planner it all depends on the type of assistance you need.

Book the vendors

Wedding Planning

The vendors play the most important and essential role in your wedding planning. You have to book them in order of importance to you. In all the possibility you must book the vendors early and must discuss with them about your wedding venue and arrangements. As the days getting close to your big day, you must assist the vendors where and when to be present for your wedding ceremony and reception.

NOTE! If you are having a tough time to organise the vendors you can hire wedding planners. Wedding planners are super-helpful and assist you in making sure your vendors know where and when to be present for your wedding ceremony and reception.

Choose your colour palette 

Wedding Planning

If you haven’t decided your wedding theme yet, take some time to close your eyes and visualize your wedding day. How does it look like? Think how charming your guests will feel as they walk in? If you feel hard to imagine try asking these questions to yourself and your partner. It will help you to imagine your dream wedding even better. Choosing a colour palette is the most important thing in the wedding planning. It helps you to provide direction for work with other vendors to select the best florals, linens, dishware, d├ęcor, rentals. Flowers and decor work best when several colours work together in harmony, and metallics work well with every palette.

Focus On Decoration

Wedding planning

Finally, the most important part of your wedding planning is decoration.

The decoration is not just a deep colour scheme and carefully arranged flowers; it shapes and sets the stage for the most beautiful event.

It is the main section that you have to put a lot of focus on when planning your wedding. Because it is considered as one of the most noticeable attractions of the day. Plan carefully when planning and selecting a proper wedding decoration theme. You can create an enchanting, and beautiful atmosphere with the decorations you use. A perfect wedding theme can save you a good amount of time and money with a remarkable wonderful ceremony. Perfect wedding decoration can create a beautiful atmosphere for your wedding event, which will increase the beauty of the wedding, showcase the bride and groom and promote the romance of the season and make your wedding a delightful memory.

Finally, relax and wait for your big day with your loved one 

Happy wedding!

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